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With flowers

The With Flowers collection is dedicated to women who focus on femininity and self-confidence. Our graphic designer Ania was inspired to create the collection by flowers and female personality types. Behind every woman there is her own story, her dreams and preferences, thanks to the floral collection you can subtly express yourself :)

Fangs and claws

A little dark, a little wild – just like the animals on them. Because each of us has a bit of a wild nature, we created the "Fangs and Claws" series. It was a very good idea, because to this day you still find a piece of yourself in our sweatshirts and T-shirts and you love identifying with the animals in our designs.


The Colorful collection was created in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The designer of the collection is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts - Marta Placzyńska, who was inspired to create the collection by the structures of fruit under a microscope. As a result, we obtained the most fashionable designs for 2023.


The NeoNew collection is one of our most outstanding collections due to the intense colors used in its production.


A beautiful view, a compass and subdued colors are how we describe our Kompas collection. As the name suggests, when creating it, we wanted the main motif to be to determine direction, just like a compass does.

View on

Nothing calms you down like mountains stretching to the horizon. Liquid shapes and changing colors are known to everyone who has been to the mountains at least once. Our new harmonious and calm "View on" collection is intended to bring some peace and quiet to our busy world. A collection of three patterns in three color variants.

The Azymut collection is a basic set that combines our three main colors and our logo. When creating this collection, we focused on minimalism and basics, so that the products from this collection would be the basis for building your wardrobe.

Paw to paw

The Paw w Paw collection was created out of love for our four-legged friends. It was our sympathy for them that made us have images of dogs on our T-shirts. Who loves dogs enough to always have them with them? Anyone who has a dog!


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technical and modern solutions have allowed the production of versatile clothes, you decide where you will wear them

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