Women's zone

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Women of this type have a flowery beauty, like the buds of spring flowers. Their skin is a delicate peach-pink or cream color, while the eyes of the Lady of Spring are blue, grey-blue and green. Spring hair is dark blonde or light brown. Their smile is so bright that it cheers up everyone around them.

colors for spring


Women of this type have a bright, porcelain beauty. Their complexion is delicate pink or light beige, while the Lady of Summer's eyes have a deep look, grey-blue or blue. Summer hair is platinum, golden or light blonde. Their beauty is reminiscent of sunny summer days that make you feel dizzy.

colors for summer


Women of this type have a sensual and warm beauty. Their complexion is a delicate peach, tanned or ivory-like color, while the Lady of Autumn's eyes are brown, hazel or deadly green. Characteristic hair colors for autumn are copper, chestnut and red. Their beauty is so warm that they attract everyone to them.

colors for autumn


Women of this type stand out for their charisma and elegance. Their complexion is light or pale, while the eyes of the Lady of Winter are brown, green or blue in cold tones. Characteristic hair colors for winter are dark brown and black. Women with this type of beauty are winter, frosty beauty.

colors for winter