About us

Who we are

AZYMUT.clothing is a clothing brand

Unique sportswear dedicated to physical activity.

Unique design - all patterns available in our store are created by our team of graphic designers who approach the creation of each pattern with great care and attention. You won't find such graphics anywhere! This is what makes us unique.

Proven quality - our clothing is tested by professionals who, just like us, have a lot in common with sports, before the product goes on sale, it is tested, so you can be sure that you are buying proven products from us.

Guaranteed comfort - years of experience and work in designing sportswear have contributed to the highest quality of our clothes, we use proven Polish knitwear for their production.


In our assortment you will find clothing items that will certainly meet your needs related to an active lifestyle. At Azymut.clothing, we have created sports clothing with unique designs, from light everyday clothes to thermal T-shirts, sports T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings and sports accessories.

Koszulki sportowe
Unique - unique clothing
Functional - for training or everyday wear
For you - with you in mind

Your sportswear store

We are here especially for you - nothing makes us happier than satisfied customers, which is why we put our customers' well-being first. We understand your needs, which we translate into our work - thanks to our passion for sport. Seeing you at the gym, during runs, at marathons, on the street wearing our clothes, we are sure that you are the ones who create the Azymut brand and proudly represent our clothes.

Thank you!

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From the backstage - Step by step

01. Original projects

We proudly talk about our unique designs created by our graphic designers. Our design team creating graphics Thanks to our graphics, you can express yourself and be sure that you won't find it in a chain store.

02. Production

We design and sew our clothes in Poland, and we also carefully select Polish knitwear for the production of our clothes. With our own production, sewing rooms, graphic designers and designers, we offer our customers proven Polish sportswear.

03. Logistics

We do not maintain large warehouses of goods. We produce most of our products on an ongoing basis - exactly as much as we need. Everything for our planet!

Remember, however, that we always do our best to deliver your products to you as quickly as possible :)

04. Customer service

After every purchase, you join our family. You can count on our support, suggestions and advice.